Some people have asked how much weight the ReadyPod will hold.
That's a really good question...Structurally, It could probably handle the weight of any camera... but, the actual functionality would vary depending on how you plan to use it. For example, I am comfortable attaching my Flip Ultra HD camcorder (6oz) to the side of a moving car... no problem. If, however,  I was using it with my old Sony DCR-TRV27 camcorder (1lb 10oz) I wouldn't expect the magnets to hold it firmly in one position while moving around much. I would use it only as a stationary support for that camera (like a tripod). I have not tried the ReadyPod with any camera heavier than 1lb 10oz (745g) and I would not suggest using it with anything heavier. Also, balance would play a role if you had, for example, a DSLR camera with a long heavy lens. The ReadyPod may not be able to hold the lens up without some kind of balancing attachment (like a lens collar). I hope this answers your question. let me know if you have any more.

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